About Us


The CITN Tax Academy (CTA) was established in March 2015 to be the leading Academy for professional development and research on taxation in Africa and beyond, with a mission to raise the professional competency of the tax profession in Nigeria through up-to-date tax education.

The CITN Tax Academy (CTA) gives support to the Chartered Institute of Taxation of Nigeria Act which charges the Institute with the responsibility, among others, of determining what standards of knowledge and skills that are to be attained by persons seeking to become professional Tax Practitioners or Administrators.


The broad objects of the CITN Tax Academy is to:

  1. deliver high standard of professional and post-graduate tax education for all professionals;
  2. provide structured training that forms the essential building blocks in tax education from foundational to advanced level; and
  3. partner with leading local and regional bodies and Institutions to deliver high quality tax programmes

The mission of the Academy is to:

  1. raise the professional competence of the tax profession in Nigeria through up to date tax education;
  2. provide a platform for the analysis of emergent taxation challenges and opportunities in order to regularly upgrade and update the knowledge and practice of taxation in Nigeria;
  3. carry out research and policy analysis on how to constantly improve taxation and performance of tax professionals; and
  4. promote taxation stakeholders’ dialogue and networking aimed at improving CITN’s contribution to fiscal performance of the Nigerian economy.

The CITN Tax Academy is to run a blend of academic and professional tax programme designed principally to:

  1. Train and equip students with necessary skills and expertise needed in today’s ever dynamic revenue generation environment.
  2. Provide platform for producing well-trained and competent manpower needed in Tax administration and Tax practice.
  3. Nurture and upgrade the skills of lecturers that teach taxation in Nigerian Universities, Polytechnics and other institutions involved in the teaching of taxation.
  4. Provide a platform to deliver result oriented public revenue yielding tax courses for boosting internally generated revenue for federal, states and local governments.
  5. Deliver of courses for exploration of emerging tax bases for revenue authorities.
  6. Enable all tax stakeholders to deliver on their core functions/mandates.
  7. Promote synergy among taxpayers, tax administrators, and academia for purpose of deepening tax culture.
  8. Earn exemption(s) from relevant CITN’s professional examinations
  9. Prepare those who do not have previous knowledge in Taxation